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Ant Life Cycle Stages
Item number ILP6110, $7.39 ea.
Sight Words in a Flash Color-coded Flash Cards
Item number EP-2315, $11.09 ea.
Bordette Decorative Border - 2-1/4 x 50 Feet - Orange
Item number PAC37106, $3.19 ea.
Take-Along Tool Kit
Item number LCI494, $16.06 ea.
Brilliant Beads
Item number R-2170, $9.47 ea.
24 Inch Hand Pointers, Set of 3
Item number LER1960, $15.39 ea.
Circus Poster
Item number LZX-4432, $14.20 ea.
Chairback Buddy Pocket Chart
Item number CD-158035, $9.32 ea.
Model Magic Modeling Compound Class Pack, White, 1-oz. Pouches, 75 Per Carton
Item number BIN236001, $40.47 ea.
Wipe-Off Jumbo Crayons (8-Pack) Wipe-Off Crayons-Markers
Item number T-591, $3.79 ea.
Sewing Tools Poster
Item number LZX-420300, $14.20 ea.
Crayola Bulk Crayons 12 Pack Green
Item number BIN520836044, $1.92 ea.
Stepping Stones Exercise Balance Kit
Item number R-62013, $23.85 ea.
Literature Center
Item number PAC001315, $30.91 ea. plus $13.63 ground shipping ea. or $39.53 3 day select shipping ea.
Snap Poster Frame 24 x 36
Item number LZX-460001, $78.80 ea.
Book Buddy Bags
Item number CTP2993, $13.31 ea.
Science Vocabulary Readers: Life Cycles
Item number SC-0545015979, $58.64 ea.
Support Rings with Clamps, Steel Rod 6 Inch
Item number SRSR06, $9.05 ea.
I Can Tie My Shoes! Lacing Cards, 6 Cards, 6 Laces
Item number KE-846000, $10.07 ea.
Periodic Table of Fruit Poster
Item number LZX-410108, $14.20 ea.
Round Super Saver Pack Stinky Stickers
Item number T-089, $12.15 ea.
Move Mindfully Transitioning Poster
Item number LZX-410267, $18.95 ea.
Salt Stacks Poster
Item number LZX-410114, $14.20 ea.
Creature Peeper
Item number ILP2770, $7.39 ea.
Kazoo Classpack
Item number HOHKC50, $41.25 ea.
Proper Diapering Procedure Tablet
Item number LZX-4280-T, $9.45 ea.
Star Sticks
Item number CD-146001, $6.47 ea.
The Chemistry of Invisible Inks STEM Kit
Item number AISINKIT, $72.05 ea.
Book Buddy Bags 11 inch x 16 inch
Item number CTP2994, $13.31 ea.
Butterfly Garden with Coupon for Live Caterpillars
Item number ILP1010, $20.71 ea.
Snack Attack Poster Set
Item number LZX-417600, $14.20 ea.
Peel N Play
Item number SWT8630103, $24.84 ea.
Watch Glasses (90mm)
Item number WGL090, $10.05 ea.
5 Minute Food Science Activities
Item number LZX-1212, $28.45 ea.
Easel Paper Pad
Item number LCI4102, $8.91 ea. plus $15.90 ground shipping ea. or $46.11 3 day select shipping ea.
Middle School Hand Washing Poster Set
Item number LZX-4616, $14.20 ea.
Let's Go Fishin' Game
Item number PRE005506, $13.41 ea.
Crayola Crayons Classpack - 8 Colors (Lg Size)
Item number BIN8038, $63.25 ea. plus $14.80 ground shipping ea. or $42.92 3 day select shipping ea.
Support Stand, 8 x 12 (Center Hole)
Item number 54102, $36.05 ea.
Stop Watch - Set of 6 Neon Colors
Item number CHS910NSET, $41.75 ea.
Giraffe Growth Chart Bulletin Board Set
Item number T-8176, $12.15 ea.
Kids Nutrition Prize Box
Item number LZX-822058, $123.45 ea.
Leyden Jar
Item number LYJ001, $15.05 ea.
Pretend and Play Camp Set
Item number LER2653, $27.64 ea.
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