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Gallon Measurement Set Gallon Measurement Set gr. Pre to 2
This 5 - piece liquid measuring set is designed to resemble familiar household containers for easy recognition of c...more
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Time Tracker Mini Time Tracker Mini gr. Pre to 12
Set it and go! You and your students will reach for this super simple timer to support a variety of classroom activ...more
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Classroom Measurement Set Classroom Measurement Set gr. 1 to 7
This deluxe set is the perfect sized classroom set for learning measurement equivalents. Students practice customar...more
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Digital Timer Count Down-Up Digital Timer Count Down-Up gr. 1 to 7
This unique digital timer counts up or down 1 - 100 minutes with a magnetic clip on the back. Easy to operate! Can ...more
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English Metric Tape Measures English Metric Tape Measures gr. 1 to 11
Each 60" plastic tape in this set has inches on one side and centimeter/millimeter scale on the other. ...more
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Simple Stopwatch Simple Stopwatch gr. 1 to 2
On your mark...get set...go! Great for races, games and other timed activities, this stopwatch is easy to use, maki...more
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Wind - Up Tape: 10 M 33 Wind - Up Tape: 10 M 33 gr. 1 to 11
Fiberglass measuring tape is marked in cm and mm on one side and inches on reverse. Rolls into sturdy case. ...more
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Dial Vernier Calipers Dial Vernier Calipers gr. 8 to 12
This precision measuring tool is made of hardened steel for long-term durability. It has a range of 0 to 150mm and ...more
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Digital Vernier Calipers Digital Vernier Calipers gr. 8 to 12
This advanced measuring tool is accurate to 0.001"/ 0.01mm and measures in both metric and English units. Rang...more
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Hydrometer Cylinder - Borosilicate - 1000ml Hydrometer Cylinder - Borosilicate - 1000ml gr. 8 to 12
Made from heavy borosilicate glass, this cylinder has a beaded top with a pouring spout and a round base for stabil...more
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