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Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra gr. 4 to 7
This book covers integers; fractions; decimals and estimation; graphing; ratios, proportions, and percents; square ...more
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Math Tutor: Pre-Algebra Math Tutor: Pre-Algebra gr. 6 to 9
The Math Tutor series provides step-by-step instruction in the most common math concepts needed by students of all ...more
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Pre Algebra And Algebra Learning Pre Algebra And Algebra Learning gr. 6 to 8
Includes basic algebraic information as well as formulas for solving common algebraic equations, including general,...more
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Helping Students Understand Pre-Algebra Helping Students Understand Pre-Algebra gr. 7 to 12
Assist students to easily transition from arithmetic to algebra! Teachers can use the Helping Students Understand s...more
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