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home school curriculum

selecting a homeschool curriculum

Many families new to homeschooling find that using a packaged homeschool curriculum is the best way to get started, as it can be used to mimic the structure of traditional schooling. It can be challenging selecting one homeschool curriculum that meets the needs of each child. Often, families discover that while one homeschool curriculum works for one child, it might not work for a sibling, or that a homeschool curriculum that seemed to work one semester might not feel right the next. Some homeschool curriculum might be a perfect match for your child in a particular subject, but may not meet your needs in a different subject area. Often then, it works best for parents and for the students to use more than one homeschool curriculum, and mix and match, depending on the subject and the child.

homeschool curriculum reviews

Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse - Students enjoy this award-winning computer-based homeschool curriculum. Its interactive format gets students excited about learning the five main subjects: Language Arts, History, Science, Bible, and Geography. Electives are also available. For grades K-12.
Alpha Omega Lifepac - This award-winning Christian homeschool curriculum teaches five main subjects: Language Arts, History, Science, Bible, and Geography, and offers a variety of electives. This homeschool curriculum is based on the concept of mastering an entire unit before continuing on. Students find this approach both exciting and motivating. The units include lessons, review questions, written tests, and activities. Parents can track their children's progress using diagnostic tests, self-tests, and checkpoints making it easy to see how well everyone is staying on track. For grades K-12.
Alpha Omega Horizons - This homeschool curriculum is fast-paced to keep younger students engaged. Workbook-based activities give them a solid foundation in math and language arts. For grades K-6.
Alpha Omega Weaver - This homeschool curriculum is based in scripture. Each volume covers a full year of teaching history, science, geography and laguage arts, all based on stories from the Bible. For grades K-12.
Bob Jones University Press - Not a pre-packaged homeschool curriculum, but offers a wide variety of supportive materials for every subject you need to plan your own homeschool curriculum. For grades K-12
Veritas Press - Not a pre-packaged homeschool curriculum, but creates fantastic materials for building the history and reading portions of your own homeschool curriculum. History for grades 7-9, Reading for grades K-1.

adjusting your homeschool curriculum

Once you have become accustomed to your homeschool curriculum, and are comfortable with the process of homeschooling, you may wish to adjust your homeschool curriculum by introducing other activities, or altering the way you approach the lessons. Turning a reading lesson into a family discussion, or putting down the pencil and picking up a paintbrush allows students to remain interested in their lessons and not feel like their homeschool curriculum has become stale or boring. Mixing things up with your homeschool curriculum keeps your children energized about learning and makes a parent's job more fulfilling too.

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