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home schooling

history of home schooling

Many people view home schooling as a relatively new choice when it comes to education, but that is merely in light of our current educational culture. 200 years ago, our ancestors would have regarded our current schooling model as highly questionable when it comes to effectiveness, efficiency, and practicality.

Back then, most of society revolved around the home; home schooling was the norm, and children were needed at home to help with daily life.Home schooling included learning to read, to do math, to write, and all things necessary to be productive members of society. Teachers were commonly parents, or older siblings, and there were no laws forcing children from home schooling to attend public facilities where learning could be regulated.

Massachusetts was the first State to establish a compulsory schooling law, but as compulsory schooling laws spread, resistance grew, and literacy actually declined. Those who are considering home schooling as a solution to dissatisfaction with other options do not have to look too far into our past to find they are in excellent company!

how you can start home schooling

Before you decide to start home schooling find out what your local laws are regarding home schooling. You may also find contacting a local home schooling group extremely helpful. Others who have already begun home schooling will be full of great advice and support. Books about home schooling are also a great idea. These home schooling books are a good place to start:

Worldwide Guide to Home Schooling
Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant-Life Home Schooling
Home Schooling Methods

how others are home schooling

Home schooling using the Charlotte Mason Method
Home schooling with planned Christian curriculums (curriculae) like Bob Jones & Alpha Omega.
Home schooling with classic curriculums like McGuffeys.
Home schooling with seperate subject materials from literature, science, mathematics, art, history & geography areas.

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