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alpha omega christian homeschool curriculum

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alpha omega

alpha omega

Alpha Omega's goal is to provide a Bible-based education using K-12 curriculum brands they can trust, while offering the most up-to-date homeschool curriculum resources. Alpha Omega understand that each child learns differently so they've created their curriculum to be flexible and customizable. You can use each brand individually, or mix and match them to build a curriculum that meets your family's needs. For the student who enjoys learning on the computer, Alpha Omega offers the Switched-On Schoolhouse computer-based curriculum. For the student who enjoys a more traditional approach, we offer a worktext curriculum, LIFEPAC. The Horizons curriculum is most effective for students who master concepts more quickly and enjoy learning at a faster pace. If your students learn best in a group where they can build upon each other's accomplishments, the Weaver curriculum is the program for you.

alpha omega switched-on schoolhouse

Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse is an award-winning, biblically-based CD-ROM curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3 through 12. Designed as a self-paced, customizable learning program, Switched-On Schoolhouse provides an interactive learning environment best suited to visual learners.

Using Alpha Omega's exclusive focus learning system, the software automatically guides students step-by-step through lessons, giving them a chance to master new concepts before moving on to more challenging material.

Tasks that were once time-consuming for parents can now be completed with the click of a mouse. Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse automatically grades all objective answers, computes and records scores, and comes with a built-in lesson planning feature that allows you to modify Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse subjects by combining, adding or removing units and assignments. The flexible printing option allows parents and students to easily print entire assignments, lessons, probelems and records.

Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse includes studies in five core subjects:

Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse Bible
Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse History and Geography
Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse Language Arts
Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse Math
Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse Science
plus a variety of Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse electives.

alpha omega lifepac

Alpha Omega's award-winning LIFEPAC curriculum delivers basic, Bible-based content in a consumable worktext format. It is intended as a complete developmental Christian homeschool curriculum for grades K - 12. The curriculum includes five core subjects:

Alpha Omega Lifepac Bible
Alpha Omega Lifepac History and Geography
Alpha Omega Lifepac Language Arts
Alpha Omega Lifepac Math
Alpha Omega Lifepac Science
complemented by numerous Alpha Omega Lifepac electives.

alpha omega horizons

The Alpha Omega Horizons curriculum helps build skills in Mathematics and Language Arts and is an alternative to the Alpha Omega LIFEPAC curriculum for elementary students. The Alpha Omega Horizons lessons are brightly illustrated to help students maintain focus. Hands-on learning is included in every lesson through the use of manipulatives suggested in the teacher's guide. Whereas Alpha Omega LIFEPACs are better for children who succeed best by mastering one skill at a time, Alpha Omega Horizons is a great choice for students who multi-task well.

Alpha Omega Horizons subjects come in two large workbooks and offer the following courses:

Alpha Omega Horizons Phonics and Reading (grades K-1)
Alpha Omega Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary (grades 1-2)
Alpha Omega Horizons Penmanship (grades 1-4)
Alpha Omega Horizons Math (grades K-6).

alpha omega weaver

The Alpha Omega Weaver curriculum, a Bible-based unit (integrated) study, allows for all of your students to cover the same topic at the same time. Nearly fifty percent of assignments offered by the Alpha Omega Weaver curriculum use learning activities such as experiments, research, and writing. The Alpha Omega Weaver curriculum incorporates every method of teaching to make learning fun, interesting, and successful.

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